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Siemens Winpcin

Siemens Winpcin: A Data Transfer Program for SINUMERIK CNC Systems

If you are using a SINUMERIK CNC system, such as 810D, 802D, or 800, you may need to transfer data between the NC and a PC. For example, you may want to back up or restore the NC parameters, PLC programs, or NC files. Or you may want to update the NC software or firmware. How can you do that easily and reliably?

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The answer is Siemens Winpcin, a data transfer program that allows you to communicate with your SINUMERIK CNC system via a serial interface (RS232). With Winpcin, you can perform various data transfer operations, such as:

  • Reading and writing NC parameters

  • Reading and writing PLC programs

  • Reading and writing NC files

  • Reading and writing MMC images

  • Updating NC software or firmware

Winpcin is compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 10 64-bit operating systems. It supports various SINUMERIK CNC systems, such as:






To use Winpcin, you need the following hardware and software components:

  • A PC with Winpcin installed

  • A PG/PC with an RS232 port (or a USB to RS232 adapter)

  • A communication cable that connects the PG/PC and the NC

  • A Toolbox CD that contains the Winpcin software and the corresponding NC software or firmware

The Toolbox CD is not available for free download. You need to contact your local Siemens office or your machine manufacturer to obtain it.

To transfer data using Winpcin, you need to follow these steps:

  • Connect the PG/PC and the NC with the communication cable

  • Start Winpcin on the PC

  • Select the appropriate COM port and baud rate

  • Select the type of data transfer operation (e.g., read or write parameters)

  • Select the source and destination of the data (e.g., PC or NC)

  • Select the file name or path of the data (e.g., .par, .plc, .ncf, .img)

  • Start the data transfer process by clicking on the start button

  • Wait for the data transfer to complete and check for any errors or warnings

For more details on how to use Winpcin, please refer to the attached sheets , which explain the cable connection and the step-by-step procedure for data backup and restore.

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