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Motivating the Whole Family-
To Train the Dog


My training is different than most because I have developed a style of instruction that focuses on keeping the entire family motivated and excited to help train the dog. Training that isn't just about teaching your dog to sit and lay down, but focuses more realistically on educating the family. Making sure that there is consistency in their training. 


Simply put..... I will teach you and your family how

to relate to your dog in a way that the dog

understands. Show you how to better understand

your dogs body language, vocal signs, eye contact

and mannerisms. Show you different ways to correct

negative behavior and reinforce positive behavior.

You will have a better understanding on why many

dog training commands do not work and can

actually have a negative effect on your dogs

behavior. I call this the unintentional owner.... 


The training program will be personalized and customized to fit your families needs, wants, lifestyle and schedules. You and your entire family will need to be part of the training program and it is highly recommended that everyone be present for every session.  


For kids we do have a "kids kennel" section of the website that features interactive and fun learning games, contests, study guides, etc... We will be adding an interactive forum for kids to discuss many different topics of dogs and training. We also feature "Ain't No Misbehavin - A Dog Training Workbook for Kids" which is also interactive and will help kids not just train their dog but also take responsibility in caring for your dog as well. 

I look forward to working with you and your family.... And your dog!


Tammie training a dog
And his friend the boston
Cute Pug
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Choose the plan that is right for you and your family. Don't worry, your dog is good with whichever you decide on.


7821 Marty Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66204

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