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Bosnia & Herzegovina U19 VS Netherlands U19 live stream 21 November 2023 Stream

Bosnia and Herzegovina is an upper middle-income country which has accomplished a great deal since the mid-1990s. Today, it is an EU potential candidate country ...

NATO chief commits to Bosnia's territorial integrity and 8 hours ago — The NATO chief says the alliance strongly supports Bosnia's territorial integrity and is condemning what he calls “malign foreign ... 85 Bosnian soldiers served as base security in Iraq, occasionally conducting infantry patrols there as well. All three deployed groups have been commended by their respective international forces as well as the Ministry of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The international assistance operations are still ongoing. [140] The Air Force and Anti-Aircraft Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed when elements of the Army of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska Air Force were merged in 2006. [63] Nonetheless, Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole managed to escape the conflict relatively unscathed. [53] The Austro-Hungarian authorities established an auxiliary militia known as the Schutzkorps with a moot role in the empire's policy of anti-Serb repression. [64] Schutzkorps, predominantly recruited among the Muslim (Bosniak) population, were tasked with hunting down rebel Serbs (the Chetniks and Komitadji)[65] and became known for their persecution of Serbs particularly in Serb populated areas of eastern Bosnia, where they partly retaliated against Serbian Chetniks who in fall 1914 had carried out attacks against the Muslim population in the area. [66][67] The proceedings of the Austro-Hungarian authorities led to around 5, 500 citizens of Serb ethnicity in Bosnia and Herzegovina being arrested, and between 700 and 2, 200 died in prison while 460 were executed. 1% Bosniaks30. 8% Serbs15. 4% Croats3. 7% othersReligion (2013 census)[3]51% Islam 46% Christianity 31% Serbian Orthodox Church 15% Catholicism 3% no religion / othersDemonym(s)BosnianHerzegovinian[4][5][6]GovernmentFederal parliamentary[6] directorial republic• High Representative Christian Schmidt[a]• Chairman of the Presidency Željko Komšić• Members of the Presidency Denis BećirovićŽeljka Cvijanović• Chairwoman of the Council of Ministers Borjana KrištoLegislatureParliamentary Assembly• Upper houseHouse of Peoples• Lower houseHouse of RepresentativesEstablishment history• Bosnia (early medieval polity) 9th century• Banate of Bosnia 1154• Kingdom of Bosnia 1377• Ottoman conquest 1463• Austro-Hungarian conquest and 1908 annexation 1878• Creation of Yugoslavia 1 December 1918• ZAVNOBiH 25 November 1943• SR Bosnia and Herzegovina within SFR Yugoslavia 29 November 1945• Independence from Yugoslavia 3 March 1992• Washington Agreement 18 March 1994• Dayton Agreement 14 December 1995Area • Total51, 229 km2 (19, 780 sq mi) (125th)• Water (%)1. United States Department of State. Retrieved 20 October 2022. ^ "Bosnia and Herzegovina • Country facts • PopulationData. net". PopulationData. net. 21 March 2020. Archived from the original on 12 June 2020. Retrieved 8 April 2020. ^ "Danas se iz Norveške kući vraća 13 državljana BiH, a šta je sa ostalima? ". MojaBiH (in Bosnian). Bosnia-Herzegovina country profile Aug 22, 2023 — BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: FACTS · Capital: Sarajevo · Area: 51,129 sq km · Population: 3.4 million · Languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian · Life ... [129] The third level of Bosnia and Herzegovina's political subdivision is manifested in cantons. They are unique to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity, which consists of ten of them. Each has a cantonal government, which is under the law of the Federation as a whole. Some cantons are ethnically mixed and have special laws to ensure the equality of all constituent people. [130] The fourth level of political division in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the municipalities. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is divided into 79 municipalities, and Republika Srpska into 64. 5 April 2020. Retrieved 8 April 2020. ^ a b c CIA 2019. ^ "Demografija, 2020" (PDF). bhas. gov. ba. Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 29 October 2021. p. 15. Archived (PDF) from the original on 9 October 2022. Retrieved 15 April 2022. ^ a b c d "World Economic Outlook Database, October 2023 Edition. (BA)". IMF. Retrieved 6 March 2015. ^ a b c d e f g h Agencija za statistiku Bosne i Hercegovine / Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2016). "Popis stanovništva, domaćinstava i stanova u Bosni i Hercegovini, 2013: Rezultati Popisa / Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013: Final Results" (PDF) (in Bosnian and English). Archived (PDF) from the original on 25 June 2021. Retrieved 21 June 2021. ^ "Bosnia and Herzegovina". [70] The scale of the violence meant that approximately every sixth Serb living in Bosnia and Herzegovina was the victim of a massacre and virtually every Serb had a family member that was killed in the war, mostly by the Ustaše. The experience had a profound impact in the collective memory of Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. [71] An estimated 209, 000 Serbs or 16. Decision to Intervene: How the War in Bosnia Ended The Bosnian Serb objective was clear: to conclude the war before the onset of the next winter. The strategy was simple, even if its execution was brazen. First, ...


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